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topics. >>> we have some breaking news right now. a suspicious package found at san jose state. maureen, what can you tell us about what happened? >> reporter: i'm on the campus at san jose state university. shortly before 6, we heard a boom. we need to tell you that san jose's police bomb squad have responded here to the campus to investigate this suspicious package near tower hall and moore's auditorium. tower hall was evacuated. here's some of the crime tape that surrounded a big portion of san jose state. essentially, the center of campus was shut down while police investigated this. again, i told you, in the last ten minutes, we heard a boom. we are now told that was part of the process for the bomb squad to determine what the suspicious package was. we can now tell you it was not a bomb. san jose state university says it might be a book but it was definitely not a bomb. police had destroyed that. part of the campus is still shut down. but the university says that classes and the home game, which is off campus, the home football game tonight, they say that is also not affected. we
in terms of how the wet roads affect traffic. so far, it is decent but we have a crash in san jose on the connection between northbound 87 and 280. we do have the car on the shoulder that is not blocking any lanes and we are looking at clear conditions. as we look at our drive time traffic, tracy to dublin is half an hour in the westbound direction. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 15 minute commute. to the bay bridge tolls, it is decent and we are looking at cars making their way up to cash-paying lanes. other than that, it is free-flowing. >> good commute news, a.c. transit is running after the transit service and the drivers union reached a last minute contract deal to avoid a strike. abc7 news reporter matt keller is at the terminal in san francisco. matt? >> i don't want you to be discoupled, empty. but the buses will run this morning, a welcome reprieve from transportation concerns for people in the bay area. the deal was made an hour before midnight when a strike could have started. union officials say the agreement gives 1,800 bus drivers and mechanics and
to the rescue. how he is helping a san jose high school football team take the field. >>> plus, he's back. john mcafee posting more video to the internet. yes, it's really strange. we will take a look coming up. >> it really is. stick around for that. >>> plus, temperatures are nice and warm out there right now, but it that unhealthy air quality prompted by the rim fire has you rerouting your tahoe trip, i have fantastic and safe places for you to take the family this year. >>> and another live look above the bay bridge. this is the old span where crews are already in their demolition mode. you can see the cranes out there going to work. the bay bridge closed through tuesday morning, 5 a.m., at the very latest a story we are following closely, more, logon to nbcbayarea.com. stay with us. >>> welcome back. getting armed the bay area without a car is about to get a little easier a project that's about in the works for a while now is ready to roll. nbc bay area's arturo santiago is live in san jose with the big reveal of the bike sharing program. good morning, arturo. >> reporter: this is pretty c
the bay area. we saw crews today from san francisco, san jose, sunnyvale and palo alto. reporting live in tuolumne county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> a well-known bay area camp near this fire got good news. caretakers at the jewish summer camp were able to save a historic torah. it was a treasured item at the camp used for daily prayers. as the fire grew closer, the torah was saved. >> one of our caretakers who lives up there full time took this, i think last wednesday, when they evacuated and got out of there. >> the camp did lose one small building in this fire thus far. >>> our water is at stake from san francisco to san jose and hayworth. more than 2 million of us depend on the hetch hetchy reservoir. san francisco water authorities are moving quickly to fill area relser vors with water from a source in the sierra nevada in case hetch hetchy does become contaminated by ash. so far the falling ash has not sunk far enough into the lake to reach the intake pump. the city says they will be ready with a six-month supply of water on hand as a backup. let's get to the conditio
jose. flames are now less than four miles from the reservoir where san francisco gets most of its water it. >> is possible it could reach there with its movement. this fire behavior has been so unusual it is hard to predict anything. >> reporter: the san francisco public utilities commission was forced to shut down two hydro electric stations and cut fire to 12 miles of transmission lines but so far the water and power supplies remain unaffected. the fire has burned several thousand acres on the northwest edge of know similarny national park. the park is open but the entrance on highway 120 is closed and crews are clearing brush and setting sprinklers near two groefs of giant sequoias. they are hopeful because the fire appears to be moving away from the iconic trees. >> we are optimistic that the fire is not likely to reach those but if it does we are ready for that. >> some evacuation orders were lifted but 5,000 homes are still in the fire's path. >> really scared and stressed. it's like you want to stay and guard your place but on the other hand you are like i need to be ready to get
. he founded his first tech firm at the age of 16 after dropping out of san jose's independence high school. he now lives in san francisco. he sold that company for millions and then sold a second company for hundreds of millions. prosecutors claim a bedroom surveillance camera recorded the girlfriend being struck more than 100 times in a half hour period. they say he was jealous of her involvement with another man. >>> talk about a wild ride. two men accused of leading deputies on a wild chase through the streets of san jose are now in custody. deputies say they spotted a stolen honda civic around 6:30 last night. the driver sped off, leading deputies toward downtown san jose. the suspect lost control, crashing into an suv on santa clara street. the passenger walls arrested, but the driver ran to a nearby restaurant. a canine dog tracked his scent to the roof of the restaurant where he was taken into comedy. the owner of the stolen honda civic says he's grateful to have his car back. >> i didn't have an expectation but i had hope. i just thank a higher power it turned out the way it
americans gathered in san jose tonight mourning those killed and worried certainly about those still in danger. lisa is live in san jose tonight with the story. lace? >>reporter: this sidewalk next to me was packed with more than 100 people. they carried tl candle, american and egyptian flags and they share stories of the country they still have high hopes for. >> i if. >>reporter: sadness death the reason so many are here tonight. they stood at the corner of winchester and stevens creek boulevard in san jose. silently holding candle while thoughts on egypt. hundreds have died in the streets during violent protest including this man friend shot to death. >> doctor decided to go down there and help people as much as possible. up fortunately he died. >>reporter: the clash between egypt military and protestors have escalated since president morsi was ousted. just about everyone here tonight has been touched by the violence so far away. of his brother-in-law shot yesterday. >> he was a kind person. never held a wechlt doesn't even know how to yub one. >>reporter: father of 2
to leave the small community of buck meadows as well as the san jose family camp run by the city. that camp we're told has not been damaged. >>> our other headlines, a crime 13r50e that 1357bs decades but the verdict came down today. guilty on all counts. a marin county jury convicted 79-year-old jonah -- joe. receive naso. >> the marin county injure deliberated and found him guilty open four counts offer first-degree murder as well as specialer circumstances. naso decided to acts as his own attorney. the jury during deliberations were pardon me, during the closing arguments saw him smiling and wearing a suit at times. and other times, acting bizarrely in court. it was very different from his first day in marin county court which is what you're looking at now after his arrest at his home in reno, nevada, where he was very bizarre in court. relatives of the victim tonight, are garateful for the verdict they got. >> thank goodness they got him and i'm sure the other families are the same way, feel the same way. >> naso was arrested after the probation officers found dist b disturbing photogr
>> only on abc7 news, a sit down interview with san jose's interim police chief. we ask him if he wants the job gulf time in the bay area's largest city. >> 6:00, thanks for joining us on thursday. mist and drizzle. mist and drizzle. mike will have the forecast. >> moist morning. look for the visibility and the thickest drizzle is along half moon bay at 1.5 miles visibility. you had .303" for the most drizzle to be found. it could be measurable in other areas but it is enough to make the streets slick this morning. if you are not careful, you may have a little bit of a spin intermediate if you gun it too hard. now, the bay day planner the next 12 hours drizzle through 7:00 and 58 and clouds and 63 by noon, and well see sunshine quicker around the bay and we will top out at 68 at 4:00. inland, we have drizzle and 57, and clouds are mostly in the north by at noon at 67 and by 4:00, 75. clouds along the coast and upper 50's. leyla gulen? >> we have a gas location in burlingame and i understand there is quite a bit of construction in the downtown area. pg&e is on the scene at burlinga
in oakland, and san carlos and san jose and 56 in concord and fremont. san ramon is 52. and live more and napa at 58, and mountain view is 59. and san jose and half moon bay along with oakland at 57. now, the day planner, we are starting off with fewer clouds. that will mean a quick warming. we are near 80 inland by noon. at 70 in the bay and 60 at the coast. by 4:00 we have reached the highs but, still, warm, especially inland in the upper 80's and mid-70's at the bay. we will fall back to pleasant weather by 7:00, 80 inland and 64 at the bay. total sunshine at the coast today. it will be a better day for sun at the coast. tomorrow we will have our best day with temperatures warming and as we head to thursday and friday we will see a limit bit of a pull back with more clouds at the coast that will spill into our neighborhoods and 80 is the cooling trend on friday. now the traffic. >> except for the unintended ketchup in solano county, we have a lot of construction. dublin has construction crews westbound 580. they are working the pavement in that area. you can see a bit of yellow as
with breaking news in the south bay. police have shot and wounded a man in san jose. janine de la vega is on scene with why police were chasing after this suspect in the first place. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. police have allen rock blocked off have -- have king roadblocked off from allen rock. homicide detectives are on scene. the shooting ended down the road. it's unclear if the man who police shot will survive. police say around 1:00 this morning an armed robbery took place in the downtown area. a suspect and car description went out to officers and that car was spotted by officers. the suspect wouldn't stop. police pursued it and we are told the car crashed here on the east side near king and beverly. at some point, shots were fired. a lieutenant told me that the suspect actually tried to run over the officer who was on foot. and the officer ended up firing at him because he felt threatened. the suspect we are told is now at the hospital. he is in surgery. again, it is unclear if his injuries are life threatening. we're also hearing from police that they
are looking at green conditions on the map. whether you are in the east bay in san jose, north bay, everyone is moving at top speed. we have a few construction projects. this is going to last until 11:00, eastbound 580 that is a couple of lanes blocked until 11:00 and we have a slow down there, maybe a slight bottleneck make the drive from livermore to the altamont pass. in the westbound direction you can see the speeds dipping down to 55 miles per hour so it is sluggish in the westbound direction. westbound 80 from albany to the maze is four minutes and 880 and 280 moving at top speeds and a short nine-minute commute headed out of pleasanton hill to walnut creek down to the highway 24 junction. >> san francisco mayor is responding to governor brown's action and he tweeted and i quote, "i applaud governor brown for his decisive action so the residents will not endure a bart strike on monday." we have a wide range of resources at abc7 news abc7news.com with real five traffic conditions to see how the commute is shaping up. you can download our exclusive waze yap to navigate the freeways. >> a
of those people died. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the tips. >>> there is no west nile fogging scheduled as a result of today's news. vector control said they need to find mosquitos that test positive for the disease before it sprays and human cases aren't always a good indicator because the disease can sit in your system for up to six weeks before you get sick. >>> a follow up now to a story. a gentleman's club will open as planned tomorrow in the south bay. the san jose city council met today to discuss the grand opening of the gold club. the council agreed it will meet in the future to discuss whether or not it will consider tight rules and regulations for the business. the gold club is set to open a few blocks from city hall and described as a bikini bar meaning no nudity and no topless dancing. >>> friends and family of a missing oakland woman are working to uncover more clues in the disappearance. police left with two bags of evidence. she hasn't been seen since sunday evening when she went to the store. both of her cell phones were foun
, and 80s and one more day of the 90s. not as hot as yesterday. >> san jose, we're going to start there. there is a crash on 880 north at steven's creek. it's blocking all of the northbound lanes. now, some cars are getting by on the far right shoulder. however, this is an area for you to avoid. it's a significant alert. a person was trapped inside one of the overturned vehicles and san jose firefighters had to get her out. traffic is going to be a little bit slow. it is still light. if you're trying to get to the airport, i suggest using 87 or 280 instead. 280 is wide open for you in downtown jose. decent way to get down to the 87 and take that to the airport instead of 880 at this time. the morning commutes looks good at the toll plaza. light delay. no problems getting into the city. let's go back to the desk. >> following developing news in san jose. just a couple of hours ago, ktvu learned that the triple shooting at a vietnamese restaurant turned deadly. one person is dead, two others are wounded. jeanine tells us the police are out there still searching for suspects in this case.
the city of san jose sued major league baseball for not letting the as move here. well, the league lawyers are fighting back with their own court filing. i'm kitdo . we have the details coming up. -- i'm kiet do. we have the details coming up. ,, [ female announcer ] jump-start your day with mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. ♪ and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. ♪ every day, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. ♪ of creepy behavior. here's t of a voice mail message he reportedly left one woman, e still in congress. "eldonna, hi. it's your new >>> two more women are accusing san diego mayor bob filner of creepy behavior. he is part of a voicemail message he reportedly left one woman while still in congress. >> hi, it's you newly favorite congressman bob filner. uhm, you know, the one who fell in love with you at your last speech? >> the woman says she met him at a sexual assault survivors group for women in the military. fernandez is a retir
is down about 25 points. >>> investigators in san jose are looking into two officer- involved shootings within four hours of each other overnight. the first happened at king road and alum rock avenue around 1 a.m. the second at west san carlos and lincoln avenue. kpix 5's cate caugiran joins us live with the latest on what happened. cate. >> reporter: we are at that second location. san jose police say the officer fired at that suspect just here off of san carlos and lincoln right in front of that building over there. he made his way here a couple blocks from where he tried to rob a grocery store and this was the second officer-involved shooting overnight making for a busy morning for san jose police. investigators spent the morning processing two different crime scenes. in the sunol midtown area at 4: 44 this morning officers responded to reports of an armed robbery at the safeway on san carlos and meridien. >> the person did not comply with the officer's demand, was displaying a fire. the officer felt in fear for his life and discharged his firearm in the direction of the suspect. >>
in san jose. we are told there will also be extra dui patrols in campbell, gilroy and santa clara. it is supposed to continue through labor day in the south bay. also, in the south bay, san jose's annual pride celebration is going on this weekend. for the first time, same-sex couples can can get married at the event. they are offering on-site marriage ceremonies happening in discovery park which they renamed matrimonial grove. couples needed to get their licenses ahead of time. the pride celebration continues tomorrow in downtown san jose. >>> to a developing story, more violence in oakland this afternoon. this time, four people were shot just a block from city hall. it happened just about two hours ago. all four victims have serious injuries, we are told. nbc bay area monte francis is at the scene and joins us with the latest. monte? >> good evening. according to police, four people were shot at about 4:00 this afternoon. we do not know their exact conditions. we can tell you there were no fatalities and that children were not involved. you can see police are here at the scene in
. >> san jose police and the c.h.p. are investigating a single car crash that shut down part of the 680 and 101 interchange last night. police say the driver survived the crash. he suffered critical injuries when he tried to run from officers. he jumped over a three way railing and fell on to connection road near south king road. the c.h.p. had to close down that connection while the man was treated by medics and rushed to a hospital. two passengers stayed in the car and were not injured. >> the body of a man found on the alameda on-ramp to northbound 880 has been identified at a silicon valley engineer. the medical examiner says the 51-year-old died of a weakened heart condition because of chronic which will abuse. according to the san jose mercury news friends say he loved to walk and not not too far away from his home. a colleague says he was a top evening near before leaving in march. he helped inhaven't a machine used drive through restaurants where you could pay with a quick payment. >> a man was killed in a party bus accident on sunday night. he was full of energy and always will
. >> happening today, san jose could become the biggest city in the state to ban styrofoam food containers that takes affect january 1 of next year. the san jose mercury news quotes city officials saying there is no market for recycling plastic foam. most ends in the land fulls. the restaurant association says it would harm small businesses more than help the environment. >> in san francisco, planed clothes police supervisors will wear video cameras during rot search to make sure they are following the law. the san francisco chronicle reports that the pilot project comes following questionable drug raids at residential hotels in 2011. the prosecution dropped dozens of cases after footage from hotel security videos prompted allegations that officers lied about the sicks of drug searches and arrests. police were accused of stealing from suspects. the cameras will be warn on their chests. >> pg&e will raise rates after the costs incurred over the big explosion charging customers 4 percent more if the borrowing costs go up, if state regulate lates impose the $4 billion in fine and penalty. pg&
bay where police are on the scene of an officer involved shooting in east san jose. investigators say police shot the robbery suspect during a confrontation near king road at 1:00 o'clock this morning officers spots add car they believe was used in a robbery and they tried to stop the driver took off and the car crashes. the suspect was shot at least once during a confrontation with police. he was taken to the hospital. >> all available california highway patrol officers are on duty starting tonight for the holiday weekend joining the nation-wide drunk driving crackdown that started two weeks ago with checkpoints throughout the bay area. the drive sober or pull over campaign coincides with the annual labor day maximum enforcement period that me begins at can p.m. and continues until monday night at midnight and addressing something dick said a moment ago, i wasn't the one who said she would be in oakland by that point, she is the one would said she would be in oakland by that point. >> if i didn't stop to wipe the windshield. folk, mist, could be an issue. and a lost other things to s
and ten minutes from tracy to livermore. we have this accident in san jose and confusion is here with a dump truck at full speed hit a car northbound 101 and then to the south we have a possible four car crash blocking one lane. >> we are following breaking news from alabama a large ups cargo plane has crashed near birmingham and katie marzullo is monitoring developments from the newsroom. >> the team is headed for birmingham, alabama, right now and we have to show you the pictures just in the news room in the last 10 or 15 minutes, close medium video, the burned out wreckage, still burning wreckage, of this airbus a300 ups cargo plane. an expert says this were no thunderstorms at the time and visibility was ten miles. it does not appear weather is a factor. the investigation will have the final word. a ups spokesman said only a pilot and a co-pilot were on board when the many crashed and it is reported that two people are dead and the bodies were found 100' away from the fuselage. would they are is not confirmed. the crash happened at 4:00 a.m. our time and 6:00 in alabama and y
seen this. that's the plea from police, after a nursing student at san jose state was shot inside of a car in a busy part of town. seemingly by mistake. tonight, police don't have a motive and don't have suspects. george kiriyama spoke to her family and has the latest from downtown san jose. >> reporter: police have no idea who shot and killed a san jose state student this past weekend in downtown. but they're confident you know knows who did it. we talked to the family off camera tonight. but her death is too hard to take. her google-plus page shows photos of her smiling. her family says she was having a good time saturday morning. she was out celebrating with her friend, spending his last night in san jose before heading back to san diego to go back to school. police say she and her friend were in their car near second street when shots were fired. one of the bullets came into the car and hit and killed the young woman. >> we don't have suspect information or motive in this case. we don't have enough information. >> reporter: police say kimberly's friend was not hurt. investigat
for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. jon kelley and marla tellez have the day off. >>> police in san jose are on the hunt for a gunman who shot three people at a restaurant, killing one of them. shots fired last night at 10:00 at the wong hung restaurant on alum rock avenue near capital avenue. nbc bay area's arturo santiago live at the scene with the latest. he joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. police investigators that had been here all night long since the shooting happened cleared the scene a short time ago. they finished gathering evidence but it's stale very gory scene inside. now, nearly a dozen bullet holes are clearly visible on the outside of the restaurant cafe. just inside the door, there's a pool of blood that has yet to be cleaned up. now you around 10:00 last night with more than a dozen people inside, someone fired shots into the restaurant. when police arrived, they found three victims, one of them, a man in his 30s, had life-threatening injuries and later died at the hospital early this morning. the two other victims were also taken to the hospita
in san jose to show us the backpacks behind you. matt? >> the backpacks are set up here and they are separated by age and gender and you can see these are the kindergarten ones and they are separated here from the girls and the boys with popular characters like mini mouse and hello kit difficult and super heroes. community service is filling the backpacks with age-appropriate supplies. younger kids get crayons and markers and older kids get a memory stick. there is a slight drop in test scores with achievement drop that starts young can impact their lives. >> what that has translated to is a low graduation rate. it just underscores the reason why we want everyone first of all to come together and make sure the kids start the year right and stay involved. >> families participating today had to sign up in july and this video of those waiting to line to get on the list and to make an appointment for the day and this is the biggest year ever with 2,462 backpacks given away. clients are getting jobs but often underemployed. families get backpacks and other necessities such as
down a tree on southbound 280 and also knocked down wires and it sound like san jose avenue on southbound 280 could be closed because of this. you may want to use your other alternate routes but right now both northbound and southbound 280 are welling on the actual freeway and a tree did knack down wires on san jose avenue and a closure could be in place soon. on highway one, devil's slide, we have a stalled vehicle resting in one of the northbound lanes, southbound side, though, moving along just fine outside we go to the oakland maze as we make the drive along westbound 80 you can see the tail lights and not too bad. >> it is 5:03, transit riders will not have to turn to plan "b" for getting to work, a strike that would have started today was averted by down to the wire contract talks. matt keller is at the terminal with details. matt? >> 180,000 people rely on a.c. transit each weekday to get around and this only they can count on their buses arriving. a deal was made just before midnight last night and that is when a strike could have started. union officials say the agr
on that. if you have any information, contact the san jose police. >>> and in the north bay, police are looking for a driver that slammed into a home early this morning. the truck crashed through the front door. it ended up, as you is see there in the living room and caused significant damage. crews helped that elderly woman to safety who was in the back bedroom. >> the woman living in the house was unhurt, and she was in the rear of the house listening to music at the time of the crash. >> police are still searching for the driver of that blue 1990 ford pickup truck. >>> the union that represents 1800 workers reached a deal. and improved health and safety. that is according to the union. less than half of the union members voted and they voted overwhelmingly against that deal. management has not yet commented on the vote. we're following some changes in the weather. the sun is beating down in parts of the bay area right now. a live look at san jose, and on the right sunol where it raeted the mid-90s today. let's bring in our metologist, rod. >> yes, some of the day's highs include
aymentara el número de trenes, el ferre aumentara. >> un agente de seguridad esta fuera de . >> en san jose buscan un hombre que desaparecio el 15 de agosto en west field >> en el pasado. >> (hablan en inglés) . >> ahora coincide con el regreso de aulas implementan un programa para disminuir los delitos. >> (hablan en inglés) . >> el plan es que dos oficiales recorren calles para detectar a quienes no fueron a la escuela, para llevarlos al centro de procesamiento, el estadio esta en san jose, hay agente a tiempo completo. >> esta bien que hace la policía en caso que andan en la calle, la responsabilidad es grande. >> que siempre esten alerta, viendo que hacen, en que andan, siempre que esten atentos a ellos para no tener consecuencias. >> la policía da información para ayudarlos sí faltan a clases esperan tener 2 sí no 8 oficiales que buscan a escolares que faltan, el numeor en pantalla, seguimos con más noticias. >> en oakland una mujer estrella su vehiculo en (hablan en inglés) , ocasiono un incendio en el hogar, vecinos son evacuados por una fuga de gas. >> alerta por avenida gr
hells angels san jose boss in a shootout at a sparks nevada casino. gonzalez will be sentenced tomorrow. >>> we told you about the jure jure -- about the major wildfire burning in southern california. sandhya patel is here now with a look at live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> that is dry lightning that could possibly spark the wildfires as we head into tomorrow in northern california. i will explain what is going on. we do have a deep marine layer in place right now and i want to show you what has been happening in the atmosphere. our unusually cool summer weather that we have been dealing with is due to this area of low pressure bringing in the cool moist air. the same area of low pressure drying up moisture so the next two days we are looking at high fire danger for the northern california mountains. red flag warning goes up at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it runs until friday. 8:00 p.m. initially dry lightning could spark fires eventually. wetting rains expected with the thunderstorms going into the next 48 hours. i will be back with a look at our local weather. the wake up weather coming
costs. >>> major league baseball is playing hardball with san jose. kit doe on how mlb is trying to keep the a's from the south bay. >> reporter: after four years of staying mostly silent about the a's move to san jose, mlb finally talks. sort of. league lawyers filed a motion to dismiss san jose's lawsuit. it says the business of baseball is exempt from the antitrust laws as it has been since 1922. and the city's claims are fatally defective. san jose's attorney calls it a moral issue. >> can mlb block a competitor in this country from relocating his business simply because someone else says we don't want them to move? >> reporter: in june, the city sued the league claiming bud selig is illegally blocking the move. if san jose wins its lawsuit, every time a team wanted to move, it would lead to absurd results. mlb would be subjected to suits from any city that desires a team, and from any city that does not want to lose its team. >> that's not what the competitive laws say or the antitrust laws say for any other business in america. baseball shouldn't be treated differently. >> reporte
, clues in san jose had to work quickly to rescue a grandmother who is stuck in a house that caught fire. nbc bay area's bob redell is on the scene with the very latest now. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. she is in critical condition. we spoke with her grandson not too long ago who lives with her and his uncle. he tells us that there was at least one working smoke alarm in their home here behind me on commodore drive. this is in san jose. there was one of those alarms that woke them up around quarter to nine this morning and if it had been much later, he might have never woken up, he tells me when he hopped out of bed, the smoke in his room had already extended from the ceiling down to his niece, making the upper half of the room unbreathable and impossible to see through. he called 911, escaped okay, so did his uncle, treated for smoke inhalation, however, he is very concerned about his grandmother, who was stuck inside for several minutes more waiting for san jose fire to arrive and perform the rescue. >> firefighters entered the backside of the structure w
, in the death of a woman at san jose city college, we were over the scene and santa clara county coroner says 49-year-old woman was the woman struck and killed by a front loader, and instruction worker backed up on a walkway hitting gonzalez on a sidewalk at the fine arts building. >> sign posted outside the courthouse almost jeopardized the trial of suspected serial killer joseph naso. the where of a victim made a sign that said "naso killed my sister," but the judge determined members of the jury did not see it. if they had the case could have ended in a mistrial. closing arts will get underway at 1:30 this afternoon. he is accused of murdering four women decades ago and dumping the bodies in rural areas. the former photographer is representing himself. ought san diego teen girl who survived the six day kidnapping ordeal has turned to social media to answer hundreds of questions about what happened. the societied press reports that the 16-year-old hannah anderson answered anonymous questions on a social meetia website and shared details of her abduction by the man she knew as uncle jim, or jam
>>> breaking news going on in east san jose right now. you are looking at live pictures from our chopper as police have been in a standoff with a gunman for three hours now. police say he opened fire at a check cashing facility before jumping roof to roof, trying to escape police. we are now hearing reports officers may have taken that gunman into custody. good morning, everybody, thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. san jose police are home located on cinderella lane, a few blocks away from story road. nbc bay area's bob redell with the first reporter on scene. he has been talking to neighbors all morning long. bob, right now, starting to hear that tense situation may soon be over, correct? >> yes, just a few seconds ago to my right, an ambulance just left the scene. we believe that the suspect is tt being atu)tjt treated for an unknown injury. we also spoke with officers who have been guarding the perimeter here at sunset and cinderella and teill there might be a secod suspect, something that the man in custody indicated to police, t
against cities. >>> major league baseball is fighting back against san jose and its quest to get the a's. lawyers for mlb are asking a federal judge to toss out san jose's lawsuit against the league. arguing baseball's antitrust exception protects itself from lawsuits. an official says san jose cannot show it has been harmed on the decision to allow the a's to relocate from oakland. >>> b.a.r.t. officials laid out their grievances in front of a panel by jerry brown. b.a.r.t. says the latest offer will give workers a 15% raise over four years. b.a.r.t. says the two sides are $62 million apart in a three-year contract. the union says the number's actually $56 million. b.a.r.t. wants the governor to order that 60-day cooling off period, while union leaders are opposed to one. >> this is an exception. and it should not be rewarded with another 60 days of stalling and delays. we should be forced and i commit the union, to come to an agreement by sunday night. >> there's many orr potential public health and safety impacts of a b.a.r.t. strike. caregivers, charged with providing aid to those
developing news out of san jose tonight. police have arrested a man for a shooting saturday that left a san jose state university student dead. investigators say an officer arrested 23-year-old johnny lozano for violating his parole by carrying a loaded weapon. after officer checked the description of the shooter in saturday's murder this, man was charged for that killing. 19-year-old nursing student kimberly chico was shot to death while in the passenger seat of a car in downtown san jose early saturday morning. she was planning to return to classes later this month. her killing marks san jose's 30th homicide of the year. >>> it's been a tense day in the quiet suburbs of sunnyvale. a neighborhood was shut down because of a swat team standoff. this happened on cochella avenue near san miguel elementary school in sunnyvale. ultimately two people were found dead inside of a home. nbc bay area's marian favro joins us at the scene of the crime with the details. marion, are the streets still shut down where you are? >> reporter: just one of the main streets out here is still shut down. investiga
news. >> christie, thank you very much. meantime, police in east san jose investigating a shooting just after 4:00 this morning.iw' officers responding to reports of gunfire at the san jose apartments located on cunningham avenue. police did not find anyone shot there but they also add that wounds. that happened a short time later. so far, they have no motive and no arrests have been made. >>> two men are behind bars this morning accused of leading sheriff deputies on a wild chase through the streets of san jose and it all ended with one suspect handcuffed on the roof of a popular restaurant. santa clara county sheriff deputies say they spotted a stolen honda civic near the willow glenn neighborhood around 6:30 last night. the driver sped off leading deputies toward downtown. the stolen car lost control, swerving and crashing into an suv on santa clara street near third street. the passenger was arrested but the driver ran for the nearby -- a k-9 was able to track his scent to the roof of the restaurant where he was taken into custody. the owner of the civic says he is grateful to get h
the traffic getting into the city with all these things going on? in the city right now, it's 64. san jose and santa rosa seasonably cool 72. livermore 77. concord currently 75 degrees. take a look at kpix 5 hi-def doppler a couple of days ago i showed you the fire danger north of us increasing because of thunderstorms. well, there are the thunderstorms just to the north of you in clearlake so watch the out lake county, mendocino county, all the way up 5 and 101 toward redding and eureka. a thunderstorm chance through the evening tonight. another chance coming up tomorrow. overnight lows in the mid-50s. san rafael 55. san francisco 55. it will be a cloudy start in oakland and mountain view with lows in the upper 50s and san jose down to 57 degrees. here's the satellite and radar review. what we have going on right now is a big area of low pressure. i have been showing you it for the past week and a half, slowly migrating to the north. that big swirl there is moving farther away from us exerting less influence on our weather. sunday is the big transition day low pressure off the washington
. is to prove that i'm right and they are wrong. >> come out. >> reporter: in san jose, he now works out of fresno. he doesn't charge. he takes donations. he's neither trained or part of a church. he trains alone, under the name demon buster. >> that person needs professional help and medication. it's dangerous if they think everything is fine because of a spiritual exorcism happened. but they're not dealing with what could be a mental health issue. >> yeah. i never -- i always encourage people to continue taking their medication and seeking professional help when they choose to do. people that normally come to me are people that gave up on that. >> reporter: how many of the cases would you say you think are just mental health issues? >> i would say 90%. >> reporter: father thomas works in a team. accompanied by three medical professionals. >> i have a medical doctor who is attached to one of our local hospitals. a clinical psychologist/psychiatrist, all practicing catholics. >> reporter: another misconception is that exorcisms can happen in a day. >> it took me four years to exorcise on
in san jose are looking for suspects in a shooting at a vietnamese restaurant. one person was killed, two others wounded. jeanine joins us from the scene in east san jose. >> reporter: police are on the scene at this vietnamese restaurant located on allen rock avenue near capital. it is dark, but we have been told there is damage to the building from the bullets that went flying inside. police were called to the hong- hong restaurant last night. there were about 15 people inside of the restaurant at the time of the shooting. one man died from wounds, the other two suffered from nonlife- threatening injuries. >> at this point, we're not exactly sure the motive of the shooting or, you know, any suspect information. just that it appears that the rounds were fired from the outside into the establishment. and at this point, that's all we have. >> reporter: it's unknown if the actual restaurant or anybody inside was targeted or if this was a random shooting. witnesses have been interviewed, but there is no suspect information and no arrests have been made. so not too much information to go on.
of san jose state university. police say a man smashed another man's head on to the sidewalk just outside the science building. kris sanchez joins us live with what we know about this attack. >> reporter: the suspect is still at large tonight and the description is not very specific except that the assailant is not believed to be a student nor is the victim. because it happened on campus many students here are feeling rather uneasy. just before 10:00 last night san jose state senior got a text from campus police detailing the fight between two young men that escalated and ended when thev$ suspect stopped slamming the 22-year-old victim's head on to the sidewalk. >> it is not that late that something like that is taking place it is pretty scary. >> reporter: last night's assault is one of 21 assaults reported on campus so far this year. >> right now on campus even assaults are down. last year we had 28 at this time. this year we have 21. >> reporter: in the 21 only seven of the victims were students. san jose police captain says his department is proactive making arrests as quickly as poss
saturday morning. it happened just a block from san jose state university. she was a college student and not the intended target. police say there are no suspects or motive. they may pass the highest homicide record of 53 set in 1991. in the gang suppression task force is back on the street. it's the third phase of the chief's plan to reduce violence. the unit is made up of 14 officers. all four are metro unit officers familiar with two major gang causing the most problems in san jose. now this gang suppression unit had been sidelined by budget cuts this years past. >>> the santa clara county is bankrupt. they assure the community that service will not be impacted. the ambulance service is in year three of a five-year contract. it's not been smooth sailing. in april world record paid thousands for failing to meet response time expectations. in july it failed to make a bopd payment on time. plus as paramedics and emts are working without a m%pjp(u they will bring $135 million in funds for improved operations. >> it means we can continue and maintain the services as is and be able to m
conseguir una reforma migratoria continua ganando fuerza en san jose.. ---esta noche, un grupo de personas se manifest para exigir su aprobacion.. take 2 box ---angel ayllon nos tiene la informacion, adelante angel.. 01 15 22 47 1;12 1;30 1;56 trt 2;20 pkg.. es cuestion de herencia... padres hispanos que salen con sus hijos a reclamar justicia, luchando por las generaciones venideras... entrevista rocio amezcua entrevista yaneth cedillo la cita fue en dos ciudades... la placita olivera en los angeles y mi pueblo en san jose reunieron a decenas de inmigrantes, lideres comunitarios y religiosos, muy preocupados por lo que ellos llaman desigualdad de derechos y una reforma que no avanza... entrevista sandy terry este jueves y siete mas haran una vigilia de dos meses que dicen se expandira a fresno, santa rosa y chicago... los inmigrantes en san jose ya desconfian, ven una vez mas el proceso de reforma olvidado, oscuro y es con la luz de las vigilias que quieren simbolicamente que se diga algo del proceso entrevista jose sandoval... por las vacaciones representantes y congresistas no se refier
a description of the gunman. this is san jose's 33rd killing of the year, san jose had 36 homicides in all of last year. >> to the wild fire burning near yosemite. the fire prompted concerns about what the ash might do to the reservoir which supplies water to san francisco. jay gray has the latest on what firefighters call the rim fire. >> reporter: overnight the rim fire intensified. growing out of control and pushing in most every direction. >> the fire is still dynamic, still growing. to what extent we do not know at this point. >> reporter: the violent blaze seared close to 200 square miles including a corner of yosemite park. >> the fire is in the park, they just too volatile for the firefighters to attack it with any degree of success. >> reporter: the flames are far from cam sites and tourist areas but highway 120 through the park is closed. a half dozen aircraft and more than 2600 firefighters on the ground are battling the wildfire where and when they can. but like the blaze, the conditions are extreme. >> we've had to pull firefighters out because their lives are in danger. >> re
you. at 6:02 we have breaking news in san jose. there were two police shootings in a matter of hours. the first one happened around 1:00 a.m.. police say they spotted two men in a car at north king road. the suspects were accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint. police say while they tried to run away, the driver tried to run down a police officer. >> the driver proceeded to go ahead and attempt to run over the officer. the officer in fear for his safety discharged his firearm striking the driver of the vehicle. >> now that driver was rounded. he was taken to the hospital. the other suspect the passenger got out of the car and ran away. police are still searching for him now. while detectives were investigating that shooting, they got a call of another police shooting about four miles away at san carlos. janine de la vega is there. she is headed to the area and gathering information. she will be back with a live report coming up shortly. >>> construction appears to be on target here on day two of the bay bridge closure. crews working around the clock to get that new eastern span open
will be to the north. leyla gulen? >> we had an accident in san jose but that is being pushed over to the shoulder. it is causing enough traffic northbound 101 before you get to the nimitz. as we look at this drive down 80 as you make the commute -- no, across the bay bridge to san francisco it is clear. we are seeing a buildup of traffic at ten minutes from emeryville to san francisco and looking at our drive time traffic 580 looking good, and antioch to concord is half an hour. from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes and mass transit is all on time. muni is going to be running extra service for the game today at at&t park. >> we are following breaking news from mexico with an earthquake in mexico city and the 6.1 earthquake hit after 5:40 pacific time a little more than 20 minutes ago. it was centered four hours away from mexico city. no word on injuries or damage. stay with abc7 news and we will bring you updates with breaking news updates on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. now, out of control wildfire near yosemite is threatening 2,500 homes and forcing evacuations and highway 120, a main road
>> police are on the scene of a triple shooting in san jose that left one man dead. we are learning new information about that homicide victim. >> a major injury crash in san jose has finally cleared. we will tell you how crews had to save a woman trapped inside one of the cars. >> thousands of lightning strikes jolting the greater bay area during the night. we will show you spectacular pictures and what it means for fire danger. >> the big battle against california wildfires stretch from one end of the state to the other. the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, it's tuesday, august 20th. want to take you back out here live to the scene outside of a vietnamese restaurant in san jose. three people were shot there overnight. one of them died. and we have a reporter out there. this is a live picture of the scene. we will have an update with new information that we just received in just a couple of minutes. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. >> i'm dave clark. steve,
us at abc7 news. >> streets in downtown san jose are re-opening now that an overnight police stand off is over. vote gays say police got a call after midnight from a man saying he wanted to hurt himself and he did not give a location but officers found him on 12th street near santa clara using cell phone towers and was holding a knife to his chest. a crisis intervention officer talked to him if about four hours before the man was finally taken into custody and will, taken to a hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric hold. he never threatened officers. >> san jose police released video showing a man being shot to death. we will not show you the moment when he was killed. the 22-year-old man was gunned down on saturday morning near north 3rd. he gets off his bicycle and leans back against a car. a man runs up to him and shoots him in the head. garcia was a father of five. family member say he and the suspect had been arguing at a park. police are studying the surveillance video in hopes of identifying the shooter. >> walnut creek are looking for two armed men who armed a restaurant on sat
and an the bay we go from 70 to 80 down to san jose and long the coast, 62 to 68 in downtown san francisco and a few more clouds than yesterday. the morning commute, here is the lady with the answers. >> i have some answers and it is busy in the east bay on 880 southbound, with a construction project that should be wrapping up in moments. look at this, down to 16 or 18 miles per hour, and six miles per hour in some areas headed south of 980. we should see cones picked up as we speak so hopefully this will disappear. if you are headed in the northbound direction we have another construction project in the same area between 16th and embarcadero, so, hopefully that is going to be wrapping up as we speak. as we look at our speeds across our bridges, along the richmond and san rafael, seven minutes gets you from east to west and 92 san mateo is 13 minutes and dumbarton is 11 minutes. >> thank you, leyla gulen at 5:01 it could be deja vu on monday, bart unions have given 72 hours strike notice and the board is meeting this morning. abc7 news reporter at the bart station in san leandro. >> bart r
welcome his clout too. i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. >>> a san jose company is pulling ginger candy off store shelves after a testing found high levels of led. it sold in a white container with red lettering. there's a small cocoa nut tree on the top of the label and the words ginger candy underneath. pregnant women and parents of children who may have eaten it should talk to their doctors. >>> tonight the palo alto city council is debating on whether to make it illegal for people to live in their cars. supporters say the ordnance would give police a tool to respond to complaints to people who live in their cars. the ordnance would be enforced on a complaint only basis and officers would work with offenders to try to link them to social services. >>> california is trying to move thousands of inmates by releasing them. there's currently 25,000 inmates in california prisons. >>> chp officers arrested seven people in oakland today during a protest in support of hunger strikers in california prisons. the protesters called the prison's tactic of solitary confinement torture. they want the po
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